“Somebody” is a Major now…..

I know, I  know it’s been awhile.  I started taking classes again in February and it is kicking me in the butt.  The homework was MUCH easier when I had a kiddo that was taking two two-hour naps everyday.  Since the Demon is taking about two naps a month, its hard to get all my homework jammed into just those four hours…..a month.  I guess I could give up working out, but that has a special set of problems and would also end up costing me time in the long run.  As I write this, I am not “completely” done with my homework, but I have GOT to get this post out.

We hosted a little promotion party for Mr. X last night.  He’s a Major now, which is cool.  Being promoted from Captain to Major is a milestone is the career of a military officer and as my sister told me once, “It is not a celebration until you open up a nice bottle of wine, Paula.”  We decided to have a little party.  Ironically, no wine was involved, but I think we hit the essence of what she meant.

The party was really nice.  Mr. X seemed to really like it…maybe not at first, but the evening grew on him.  A bunch of the Soldiers from his Battalion were there and almost all of his medics made it as well.  The medics all looked SHARP, by the way.  They out dressed people well above their pay grade.

There were some voids in the evening though…voids that were, ironically, as loud as a freight train.  “The Spawn” was missing with her short little legs and her three-inch heals and her smile that is brighter than the sun.  I think that was the biggest void of all.  We all knew there were things that as “A Family” we would miss out on with this move to Korea, but that one really….fucking….sucked.  Extended family was missing.  After being stationed in Texas for so long, if there was a big deal the Fort Worth Crew was a part of it either before, during or after.  Not so much this time.  There was also a lot of Mr. X’s military mentors, past co-workers and buddies that were obviously missed.  I know these people were on his mind because many got mentioned during the night.  I personally caught myself wishing I could look around the room and see Nick and Adrianne or Steffan and Christa or Phil and Jen or Clay and Diana.   Maybe even a Ralph or a Don or a Casey or a Joni and Tim or maybe just one Liz.  But….not so much.  And I am not suggesting that the night was anything other than amazing…however…

So here we go.  Here are the pictures and some of the story for those that could not be with us.

The Cake


The Warrior’s Club016

Mr. X’s New Boss LTC Kim Opening up the Evening

018      024030

Our Chaplain


The “Pinning”

039   041042

A Thankful Major


Me realizing he was now going to make more money.  Nah, I already knew that, I was just still really stoked!!


The Congrats

060   061

THE Medics



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One Response to “Somebody” is a Major now…..

  1. Dianne Brady says:

    Congradulations Major!! We are all so proud of you. It’s nice to know the Army appreciates what they have in you. Miss you guys like crazy but, you both look amazing and Korea seems to be agreeing with you. As always “Thank you for all you do for your country”. Love to all, The MIL

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