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9 Major Problems In The Snatch

Originally posted on Glory:
Of the 3 Olympic movements (Snatch, Clean, Jerk) the snatch is easily the most complex and most technical.  Why?  The bar has to travel the great amount of distance, its has the longest sustained bar speed,…

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Pee Pees in a Diaper

I wake Connor up this morning and we head to the bathroom.  We have the whole talk about Pee Pee in the Potty.  He sits, we chat.  I say, “Connor goes pee pee in the potty.”  Of course nothing is … Continue reading

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May Flowers….

Holy Baby JESUS….the past couple months have been just stupid busy. Last contact was mid-April and we were rock’n some new MAJ rank and pay here in the Walsh family. So let’s start after that….well a little before perhaps. First, … Continue reading

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“Somebody” is a Major now…..

I know, I  know it’s been awhile.  I started taking classes again in February and it is kicking me in the butt.  The homework was MUCH easier when I had a kiddo that was taking two two-hour naps everyday.  Since … Continue reading

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Like Trying To Sew a Silk Purse Out of a Pig’s Ear

Thanks to my husband’s amazing sewing skills it appears I am now off the hook for this little hiatus to South Korea.  Of course there is a story behind that comment….there is ALWAYS a story… One evening almost a year … Continue reading

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Remember The Good Times

Here is our Good News Jar. Not screwing around here at the Walsh house…it’s on. For those not familiar… Each time something good happens throughout the year, you write it down on a piece of paper and place it in … Continue reading

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Bacon Bar….For real

So we hit another Korea eating establishment Saturday evening.  Different one than last week, but the same sort of set up.  Lots of different sides and lots of different meat which you cook on a little grill at your table.  … Continue reading

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